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Site of Pope's Villa, Twickenham 1878

Site of Pope's Villa, Twickenham c1878, photograph by Henry Taunt, reproduced by permission of English Heritage.NMR CC72/00464

Site of Pope's Villa, Twickenham
Site of Pope's Villa, Twickenham now, copyright Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins
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of English Heritage.NMR - CC72/00464

"Pope's Villa stood just below where the curve of the river round to Twickenham begins. It was pulled down by Lady Howe, and the willow also perished which was so well known as being planted by the poet. The house has been replaced by a Chinese pagoda style of building, which is easily recognised in passing; and the grotto still exists, but in a mutilated state. "

Henry Taunt 1885

Alexander Pope (1688-1744) was obviously a favourite poet of Henry Taunt's, and some very appropriate quotations appear often in his guides. Pope became reknowned for his transaltions of Homer's Iliad, which brought him both his fortune and his love of the classics. The latter is reflected in his many works and inspired him to build a grotto in the grounds..

Graham Diprose 2007


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Outline of the River Thames: the area covered by Henry Taunt’s documentary photographs and maps from the source at Thames Head to the Houses of Parliament