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Sonning Bridge
Sonning Bridge c1885

Sonning Bridge c1885, photograph by Henry Taunt, reproduced by permission of Oxfordshire County Council, OCL8261

Sonning Bridge 2000
Sonning Bridge, photography by Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins, copyright Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins

" At the lock are Sadler's bees, kept by the lock-keeper, the son of the well-known old man who had charge here for so many years, but who has gone to his well-earned rest.

The view of the bridge below, in combination with the church, is one of the favourite bits of artists; and in old times, when Sonning was the seat of a bishop, it was no doubt of more importance, but could not at any time have been a pleasanter resting-place than at present."

Henry Taunt 1885

Sonning Mill worked until 1950, but has had a very attractive second life, restored and converted into a successful restaurant and theatre. The Great House (formally the White Hart), French Horn and Bull, all provide sustenance for the wealthy and the village itself remains a picture book scene, so close to the metropolis of Reading. Terrapins are often seen in the river here, probably released when they became troublesome pets.

Graham Diprose 2007

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Outline of the River Thames: the area covered by Henry Taunt’s documentary photographs and maps from the source at Thames Head to the Houses of Parliament