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Side Stream Radcot

Side Stream Radcot c1860-1887, photograph by Henry Taunt, reproduced by permission of English Hertitage.NMR AL0488/005/01

Side Stream Radcot now
Radcot now, copyright Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins
  The Taunt print is available for sale at the Viewfinder site
of English Heritage.NMR - AL 0488/005/01

"Radcot Bridge, a structure of three Gothic arches, is interesting from its historical associations, having been the scene of more than one battle. In 1387, Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford, was defeated here by the refractory barons under the command of Henry of Derby, afterwards Henry the Fourth. De Vere escaped by swimming the river on his horse. "

Henry Taunt 1885

In the summer, Radfest is a very popular jazz and music festival that has grown up around the Swan, which also maintains the tradition of a riverside inn, having a small number of rooms for those stopping overnight, while walking or boating down the Thames.

Graham Diprose 2007

See Taunt's image on its original map.

The text above are sample extracts from the book; entries for each location are more extensive.


Outline of the River Thames: the area covered by Henry Taunt’s documentary photographs and maps from the source at Thames Head to the Houses of Parliament