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Putney Bridge
Putney Bridge c1875

Putney Old Bridge c1875, photograph by Henry Taunt, reproduced by permission of National Heritage.NMR CC41/00090

Putney Bridge now
Putney Bridge now, copyright Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins
  The Taunt print is available for sale at the Viewfinder site
of English Heritage.NMR - CC41/00090

"Putney Old Bridge was the last of the wooden structures which formerly spanned the Thames. Built upon piles its openings were very small, and although in 1872 an iron girder was thrown across a wider span in the centre, still it was in every way inconvenient, and even dangerous to large craft passing up. "

Henry Taunt 1885

Some roads beside the river at Putney can be a dangerous place to park a car, not only because of thieves, but also because certain tides rise quickly and owners can return to find the Thames flowing through their pride and joy.

Graham Diprose 2007

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The text above are sample extracts from the book; entries for each location are more extensive.


Outline of the River Thames: the area covered by Henry Taunt’s documentary photographs and maps from the source at Thames Head to the Houses of Parliament