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Goring Church
Goring Church then

Goring Church then, photograph by Henry Taunt, reproduced by permission of Oxfordshire County Council OCL5227

Goring Church now
Goring Church now, photography by Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins, copyright Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins

"Goring Church is an old Norman structure, its low timber pierced with two light windows, which from the bridge, in conjunction with the mill-stream, is most picturesque. The interior is also well worth visiting, the arcade with its massive chalk pillars and bold arches whuch unite the nave with the aislew, being worthy of note."

Henry Taunt 1885

In 1837 a wooden toll bridge was built to link Goring with Streatley, so that the residents of Goring could make their way across the river to Streatley, their more important neighbour with its turnpike road to Reading and Oxford. From 1840, when the railway arrived, Goring became the larger and more significant of the two..

Graham Diprose 2007

See Taunt's image on its original map.

The text above are sample extracts from the book; entries for each location are more extensive.


Outline of the River Thames: the area covered by Henry Taunt’s documentary photographs and maps from the source at Thames Head to the Houses of Parliament